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Transplantation Immunology

Despite major advances over the last decades, long-term outcome after organ transplantation remains limited and immune-mediated injury continues to be a leading cause of graft loss.

Our overall aim is to improve long-term outcome after organ transplantation through better control of the immune response towards the graft.

Pre-clinical research

The indispensable lifelong treatment with immunosuppressive drugs is only partially effective in inhibiting chronic graft loss and is accompanied by severe side effects. Therefore, the intentional establishment donor-specific immunological tolerance remains the ultimate goal of transplantation research.

We focus on inducing tolerance through the transplantation of donor hematopoietic stem cells and the establishment of mixed chimerism (i.e. coexistence of donor and recipient hematopoietic cells in the host). This strategy leads to a robust state of transplantation tolerance and has been demonstrated to work not only in rodents, but also in large animals and notably in pilot series of renal transplant recipients in the clinic. However, no protocol is currently ready for widespread clinical translation due to remaining toxicities. A critical step towards the goal of non-toxic protocols is the use of regulatory T cell (Treg) cell therapy as part of chimerism-based tolerance regimens.

Moreover, chimerism-based tolerance induction has been extended to other immunological disorders, in particular IgE-mediated allergy. Through the transfer of allergen-expressing hematopoietic cells the allergic immune response was permanently tolerized in proof-of-concept experiments.

In our pre-clinical research we use various mouse models, including models of vascularized heart transplantation, regulatory T cell transfer and bone marrow transplantation.

Clinical research

We are currently translating our recently developed pre-clinical Treg-based chimerism treatment protocol to the setting of clinical kidney transplantation. In an ongoing single-center phase I/II trial HLA-mismatched living donor kidney transplant recipients are treated with a combination cell therapy consisting of the administration of polyclonal recipient Tregs and donor bone marrow cells ( NCT03867617).

Research platform transplantation

Transplantation is one of six defined areas of research of the MedUni Vienna. The research platform transplantation (, which is co-ordinated by Thomas Wekerle together with Rainer Oberbauer, promotes the research efforts in the field of transplantation at the MedUni Vienna through various activities, including an international seminar series and a start-up grant program.


Thomas Wekerle | © MedUni Wien/feelimage


Professor of Transplantation Immunology

Christoph Schwarz | © MedUni Wien/feelimage

Christoph SCHWARZ, MD, PhD

Moritz Muckenhuber | © MedUni Wien/feelimage


Panagiotis PARSONIDIS, MSc

Predoctoral Fellow

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Laurin RAUTER, MSc

predoctoral fellow

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predoctoral fellow

Marlena Sophie BURESCH, MSc

diploma student

Verena Kainz | © MedUni Wien/feelimage

Verena KAINZ, MSc

Technical Assistant


(Current and recent)

Period Funding Agency Titel Principal Investigator
2023-2027 EU ECP induction therapy after lung transplantation  Thomas Wekerle
2023 Research Platform Transplantation (Medical University of Vienna) Not all sensitization events are equal - A specific experimental approach to investigate long-lived plasma cells as potential therapeutic target in pregnancy induced allo-sensitization Moritz Muckenhuber
2022-2023 Astrazeneca Observational Study on the Clinical Use of EVUSHELD (AZD7442) in Austria Thomas Wekerle
2022 Research Platform Transplantation (Medical University of Vienna) scRNAseq-based analysis of Treg-NK cell interactions critical for chimerism-based transplantation tolerance Konstantinos Mengrelis
2023-2024 Medical-scientific fund of the Mayor of Vienna Adoptive cell therapy for immunomodulation in organ transplantation Thomas Wekerle
2021 - 2023 Medical-scientific fund of the Mayor of Vienna Rethinking immunosuppressive induction - a safe path towards costimulation blockade-based maintenance in solid organ transplantation Moritz Muckenhuber
2020 - 2024 Danube Allergy Research Cluster (DARC) - Towards Cure of Allergy ( funded by the Federal Government of Lower Austria)  Cell therapy approaches for allergy prevention Thomas Wekerle
2019 - 2022 DOC (OEAW) The role of MHC-specific IgE in antibody-mediated transplant rejection Anna Weijler
2019 - 2024 WWTF Combination cell therapy for immunomodulation in kidney transplantation Thomas Wekerle
2018 - 2022 Austrian Science Fund (FWF)  Mechanisms of IL-2 induced Transplantation Tolerance Nina Pilat-Michalek
2017 - 2021 Teva Pharmaceuticals Europe BV HLA-specific IgE antibodies in organ transplantation (an invest. Initiated study) Thomas Wekerle


One of the main objectives of our group is to provide high quality scientific education and training. Trainees (PhD students, medical students, diploma students, residents, post-docs) are part of a group with an established track record in transplantation immunology research.

They benefit from active national and international collaborations with recognized leaders of their respective fields. Our group actively participates in the PhD programs of the Medical University of Vienna and has extensive experience in training PhDs (with 20 students having successfully completed their PhD so far). Besides, we offer numerous courses and lectures on topics related to our research.

To inquire about opportunities to join our group, please do not hesitate to contact us.



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